Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nature's Gift

I went for a short walk today. I was having such a hard time concentrating I couldn’t get anything done.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s a beautiful spring day! The sky is so clear it looks like crystal. The sun is shining bright. Oh, and the breeze made it so hard to get back inside.

I could actually smell the flowers. It is true! If our senses and consciousness are in tune, we can enjoy all nature has to offer.

What an awesome feeling… to absorb natures beauty. To let it uplift and reenergize us. Hey, this fifteen minute walk was better than a whole day at a spa!

Coming back feeling re-energized, I realized what a difference a short break with nature can make. It is one of life’s best gifts!

In our journey of attracting wealth, let us remember to take advantage and enjoy our natural resources. It will give us a “fresh” perspective.

Have you stopped to notice nature’s beauty today?


Grant said...

Better than a whole day at the spa - now that's something!
I agree with your post. I take my time out and go for a walk on the beach, I just love to see the power of nature in the waves.

Great blog!


hpvanduuren said...

Yes! that's great, some time ago I went jogging on the Beach in Spain made a picture of the upcomming sun at the Beach. Only looking at it is 'energising' you can find the Photo via my weblog.

(the Post titled: "Canary Island, Happy Island")

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