Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Recognizing The Opportunity

I’ve been struggling with this topic for the past couple of weeks. Truth is, it's a heavy one. And I couldn’t organize my thoughts fast enough.

Until a couple of weeks ago and a conversation with my niece.

Now, the conversation could’ve been an ordinary one. But, uh-uh, nothing is ever "ordinary".

I share this conversation with you because it illustrates well a hindrance to the journey to success and wealth… It is the inability to recognize the opportunity we pray for.

A couple of months ago I took my niece to see my doctor. He specializes in hormonal imbalance medicine and Compounding Pharmacy.

She’d been complaining of symptoms I recognized. It turns out that like me, she suffers from a hormonal imbalance condition. The difference between her and me is that she is 27… I was diagnosed at 39!

Having suffered some violent symptoms for the past couple of years, she was relieved to find out her condition could be treated with natural hormones.

Great! -- you think. Well, last I heard about her enthusiasm and coming back to see the doctor was in December.

Why hasn’t she come to get her medication I thought… what could be more important than feeling emotionally and physically better?

Well, I asked her. And I was blown away by what she told me... she felt conflicted about taking medicine for the rest of her life. And she could not understand why God couldn’t just heal her.

You might think there must be something else wrong. I don’t know -- maybe. But this behavior is as common as the inability to make decisions. Feeling insecure, fearful or simply not being aware of your reality.

Although not the same, these character and emotional issues are tightly connected with a person's perceptions. It is true that our perceptions are affected by gender, childhood experiences, culture, religion, social status, etc. A wrong perception has the potential to paralyze personal progress and gifting. It simply will not allow you to live the full life you’ve been gifted with!

Our perception is the lense by which we see the world, ourselves and others. Our outlook on life. So the main reason we miss out on great opportunities is because our idea of how it should be packaged is skewed.

We’ve all heard the saying… “our perception is our reality”. Hence, the wrong perception can be detrimental to our success. This is a huge idea to grapple with! I’m just scratching the surface of a very intense topic. So I hope you’re still with me.

Knowing a Bible story would hit home, I reminded my niece of the story of Elijah. The Old Testament prophet.

Elijah was a man of force and confrontation used to dramatic results. He was also a mighty man of faith and power who had wrong perceptions.

One day while depressed (he felt panicked because there was a bounty on his head), Elijah complained to God about being the only surviving prophet and the horrible state of God’s people. He was in a crossroad in his life and assumed God was not aware of the situation.

Little did he know… God was on top of things! He cared for Elijah in his time of need and restored his confidence. He also taught him a great lesson. For God would not be confined to Elijah’s “box”.

In the story we see God revealing himself to the prophet in an unfamiliar way. Not in the obvious windstorm, earthquake or fire. No… God manifests himself in an unexpected sound of a gentle whisper. Fortunate for Elijah, he recognized God’s voice.

I went on to explain how easy it is for us to miss the blessing we’ve been praying for. We miss it because our expectation of the package does not allow us to discern the reality.

She has not started treatment. I pray the opportunity does not pass her by.

Indeed, we all suffer from wrong perceptions. Beware not to miss a good opportunity because you don’t recognize the package. Remember that we cannot control or dictate how an opportunity will present itself. We just have to be open and discerning for its arrival!

Let us be mindful in our journey to attract wealth and success, of the perceptions that limit our growth and potential. And of the believes, expectations and ideals that block the opportunities/blessings we’ve been praying for.

Have you checked your lense lately? Could the wrong perception be blocking your opportunity?

Open yourself to receiving your opportunity. Let yourself be blessed!
Note: What do you see in the picture above?

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Travis Wright said...

Thanks for this great post. My wife has recently mentioned a few comments about feeling that her emotions are out of balance.

Some of these natural remedies may work out.

I bet you could have a whole other blog on that topic alone. Many women may feel the same, and could benefit from your knowledge on that topic.

If you need help setting it up or work together on it, please feel free to contact me. travis[at]cultivategreatness[dot]com


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