Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hurry Up And Wait

Time and preparation are essential to a successful venture. This is a basic principle of growth and progress. So why do we become anxious and even discouraged when we don't get fast results from a new project or business?

I'm writing this post before I dash out to my church service. I don't want it to escape me.
I was pleasantly surprised this week with the realization that a new project I'm working and preparing for has just come together.

The strategy and understanding of all its pieces have finally come together. I can actually visualize it and make sense of it. This after many weeks of learning, reading, studying and not to mention, frustration because I couldn't make it happen faster.

To all of you who suffer, like me, from this "very human" condition called impatience... learn to apply the "hurry up and wait" rule.

You'll see that it is the soundest way to attract wealth and prosperity :)


Michael said...

Will be writing more on this?


Sandra Alvarado said...

Hi Michael,
it's funny you should ask that. The "hurry up and wait" rule is a term we used in the late 80's -- LOL. I thought about it later yesterday.
But I'll be happy to write more about it on another post.


Andy said...

Patience, Patience, Patience. All great things come to those who wait...But just don't forget to take the action necessary!

Great Post!

All the best,


Sandra Alvarado said...

That's what the "hurry up" is all about. Doing the things necessary to prepare and prepare the space for our greatness!

Thanks for stopping by Andy. Please come again.


hpvanduuren said...

Hello I just discovered your blog via the 'Life Optimizer' blog of Donald Latumahina.

It's funny reading here about 'Preperation' because I just finished a post on the 'Sience of Getting Rich' Forum about 'Time management', telling about the importance of preparation and the difference between 'Urgent' and 'Important' in order to not having to 'Put out fires' all the time.

Talking about preparation I am also somewhat frustrated and impacience because although you can read all about 'Happy Things' on my 'Happy Blogspot', and also can find a FREE Preview of a little eBook about it, I do feel that I need a somewhat more sophisticated 'Marketing Plan' or a better 'System' or additional 'Vision' to be able to serve my visitors better.

Any ideas? Feel free to leave them at my blog post titled: 'Please let me know your suggestions'.

All the Best,

Sandra Alvarado said...

Hey HP,
Thanks for visiting. Have you set up goals along with benchmarks and actions? I find that that is a very effective system when working on multiple projects and or needing to meet a deadline.

The demands of life will always get in the way, but you have to be tough to keep your goals. If you're consistent, you'll develop a nice rhythm.

I have been using this system for such a long time, it is second nature to me now. It really works!

I've written a report, The 7 Secrets of the Wealthy & Prosperous, I will be publishing soon. In it I talk about the goal setting system and more...

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